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Vindice Vindicatus:
The Hidden Trickster in The Revenger's Tragedy

Mitsuru Kamachi1

Characterization by Soliloquy:
the Case of Edmund and Edgar

Peter Milward19

Macbeth: A Thief or Dwarf?

Kenji Naito29


The Fall of Barabas

Soji Iwasaki1

'Readiness' and 'Ripeness':
A Reflection on Shakespearean Characterization

Izumi Momose29

"The Three Sallies" Reconsidered:
A Case Study in Shakespeare's Use of Proper Names

Yasumasa Okamoto 57


The Velasquez-like in Twelfth Night

Mikio Inoh1

The Tempest: a Shakespearean Approach to a Cultural Clash

Tsuneo Masaki31

Shakespeare Prolegomena: 1709-1821

Arthur Sherbo47


Troilus and Cressida: a Tragic Satire

G. K. Hunter1

"Nature" in Hooker and King Lear

Peter Milward25

Edmond Malone and His Chronology of Shakespeare's Plays

Yoshiko Kawachi45


An Essay on the King John Plays from History to Romance

Yoshiko Ueno1

The Structure and Theme of King Lear

Hideo Hiramatsui31

The Sonnets: From the Poems to the Poet

Toshiko Oshio46


Form and Rhetoric in Shakespearean Comedy

Toshiko Oyama1

Gonzalo's "Merry Fooling"

Peter Milward28

Shakespeare and George Herbert

Isamu Muraoka37

The Mixture of the Comic and Serious in Hamlet and Kanadehon Chu-shingura

Hisae Niki60

VOLUME TEN 197l-1972

On the Palinodial Ending of Cynthia's Revels

Toshihiko Shibata1

The Printing of Philip Massinger's Plays

Hiroshi Yamashita16

Dryden and Shakespeare

Tetsuo Kishi39

VOLUME NINE: 1970-197l

The Comic Sense in Marlowe Reconsidered

Mutsumi Nozaki1

Cleopatra and Volumnia

Toshio Murakami28

Theology in Shakespeare

Peter Milward56

VOLUME EIGHT 1969-1970

Armado's "You that way; we this way"

J. Hisao Kodama1

Dreams as Metaphysical Visions:
a Study of Shakespeare's Major Tragedies

Naoe Takei18

The Religious Dimension of King Lear

Peter Milward48

VOLUME SEVEN 1968-1969

The Concept of the Royal in Shakespeare

Minoru Fujita1

Kurosawa's Kumonosujo: A Japanese Macbeth

Hisae Niki33

De Casibus Theme and Machiavellism:
In Connection with the Theme of Edwarld II

Takashi Kurokawa61

Bibliographical Studies of
George Chapman's The Memorable Mask of the Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn (1613),
Printed by George Eld

Akihiro Yamada81

VOLUME SIX 1967-1968

Antony and Cleopatra: The Last Phase of Shakespearean Tragedy

Yoshiko Ueno1

In Defence of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Hans Zeisel37

Character Desintegration in the Early Shakespeare

Frederick M. Burelbach, Jr.62

Shakespeare and Wilson Knight

Peter Milward, S. J.75

Shakespeare in Xanadu

Robert F. Fleissner94

The Tragical Composition of Dr. Faustus

Junnosuke Kawasaki103

'Mighty Showes': Masque Elements in Jacobean and Caroline Drama

Sister Francesca Dunfey, S. N. D.122

Bibliographical Studies of George Chapman's The Blind Beggar of Alexandria

Akihiro Yamada147

VOLUME FIVE 1966-1967

Time and Truth in King Lear

Soji Iwasaki1

King Lear and Its Tragic Pattern

Toshikazu Oyama43

The Homiletic Tradition in Shakespeare's Plays

Peter Milward, S.J.72
The Three Themes in One Harmonious Chord

Takako Uchiyama88

Bibiliographical Studies of
George Chapman's An Humorous Day's Mirth (1599)
Printed by Valentine Simmes

Akihiro Yamada119

Book Review

A Note on Clifford Leech, "Twelfth Night" and Shakespearian Comedy

James Hisao Kodama150

VOLUME FOUR 1965-1966

A Stylistic Comparison of Gismond of Salome and Tancred and Gismund

Kyoko Iriye1

Shakespeare and Christian Doctrine

Peter Milward, S.J.36

Bibliographical Studies of
George Chapman's The Widow's Tears (1612)
Printed by Richard Bradock

Akihiro Yamada57

Book Review

Northrop Frye. A Natural Perspective:
The Development of Shakespearean Comedy and Romence

Takashi Sasayama84

E. A. J. Honigmann, The Stability of Shakespeare's Text

Kazuo Chujo89


Delight and Laughter:
Some Aspects of Shakespeare's Early Verbal Comedy

R. F. Hill1

Shakespeare's Opening Scenes

Mikio Ino22

The Temporal Awareness in Richard III

Izumi Momose42

Bibliographical Studies of George Chapman's All Fools (1605)
Printed by George Eld

Akihiro Yamada73

All's Well That Ends Well: A Reappraisal

J. Hisao Kodama100


Theatre Way, the Elizabethan and the Japanese

Yasuo Suga1

The World of Lear's Fool: The Dramatic Mode of His Speech

Toshiko Oyama10

A Note on "The Inverted Platonism" of Shakespeare's Sonnets

Minoru Kobayashi31

Shakespeare's Mediaeval Inheritance

Peter Milward, S. J.49

Shakespeare, Chikamatsu and "This Tough World"

C. Lee Colegrove63

Bibliographical Studies of George Chapman's The Gentleman Usher (1606)
Printed by Valentine Simmes

Akihiro Yamada82


Notes on Act V of Antony and Cleopatra

James G. McManaway1

The Base Judean

Peter Milward, S. J.6

Chabot Admiral of France

Takashi Sasayama14

Shakespeare's Blank Verse

Susumu Nomachi32

The Cloud Theme in Hamlet

Toshikazu Oyama45